Sinalco PES Balkan League - Season 3 and qualifiers

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Official eFootball PES competition for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania will feature national teams competing against each other for the championship title!

Sinalco league will be back on May 3rd, with all matches broadcasted live on Fortuna Esports YouTube kanalu, kao i na Sport Klub Esports TV channel, from May 3rd to June 27th.


For the next two months, six national teams from our region, composed of two players, will go head to head in an effort to secure their share of the 5.000 euros prizepool. Sinalco PES Balkan League will feature a double round robin regular season, with Best-of-3 matches. Home teams will have an advantage in choosing their player matchups in the first two games during a single Bo3 match, and in case of a tie, winners will play out the deciding third game.

League is exclusively played via PlayStation platform, using the most up-to-date version of the game (PES2021).

Prize-pool distribution:

  • 1st place: 2.000 EUR
  • 2nd place: 1.000 EUR
  • 3rd and 4th place: 600 EUR
  • 5th and 6th place: 300 EUR

League format features a double round robin bracket (each national teams plays against all the rest two times during the season), with top 4 teams qualifying for the playoffs stage.

Players can only play with their national teams in Balanced Mode.

Guest players have to announce which player will play which match, leaving the host team with an option to adapt to each opponent.

Match length: 10 minutes.

Time: Night

League schedule


Season 2 qualifiers will be played online. Group stage will be played on Saturday, March 13th, while playoffs will be played on Sunday, March 14th. Final 4 is scheduled for March 20th. Each game day will start at noon - 12:00 CET. Signups are open until March 10th.

Each country will have their own qualifiers, and the finalists will secure a spot in their nations Final 4 which will be played a week after the regular qualifiers (March 20th).

  • Size, schedule and group format will depend on the number of participants.
  • Players are free to choose their own clubs (it’s not allowed to pick national clubs).
  • Host has club selection priority, guests cannot pick the same club.
  • Two best placed players in the group stage will qualify for the playoff stage. Group stage will feature a home/away system, against each opponent. In case of ties, head to head will be used (away goal will be considered), followed by goal differential if needed.
  • Elimination phase will feature two games. In case of ties, away goal will be used as the first deciding factor, followed by overtime and penalties.

Final 4 qualifiers:

This phase will feature two best players from the qualifiers and two last season national players (Season 2 representatives).

Players will play a double round robin format (each player will play against all other twice). Two best ranked players will secure their spot in the third season of Sinalco PES Balkan league.

  • Players are free to choose their own clubs (it’s not allowed to pick national clubs).
  • Host has team selection priority, guests cannot pick the same club.
  • Match length: 10 minuta.
  • Time: Night
  • In case of ties, head to head will be used (away goal will be considered), followed by goal differential if needed.

IMPORTANT: Tournament communication and results submissions will be conducted exclusively through Discord. Link for each country's Discord server can be found at the end of the submission form:

Important notices:

  • All players must be over 16 years of age before April 5th.
  • Players qualified into the Sinalco PES Balkan league are REQUIRED to travel to Belgrade in the week starting from 5th until 11th of April for league and production purposes. Travel expenses will be covered.
  • Players are responsible for their internet connection and any tech issues.
  • Svaki igrač koji se uspešno kvalifikuje mora da dokaže svoju pripadnost državi za koju nastupa, kao i da potpiše formular za igrača.
  • Each participating player will have to sign a participation agreement as well as prove their citizenship.
  • Prizes do not include any taxes, contribution or fees prescribed by the laws of Republic of Serbia.

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